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FISITA welcomes its 32nd President, President Elect and Council

FISITA, the international membership organisation for the automotive and mobility systems engineering profession, today announced the appointment of its new President, Ms Nadine Leclair; new President Elect Mr Mike Anderson; and the re-appointment of the FISITA Council.

Nadine Leclair, FISITA President

Ms Leclair, who commences her period of leadership of FISITA and its international community of automotive and mobility systems engineers with immediate effect, has a wealth of engineering and leadership experience following a successful career culminating in the position of Senior Vice President, Expert Fellow with Groupe Renault. She has served in the capacity as President Elect of FISITA for the last two years, working directly with serving President Professor Frank Zhao, who now becomes an Honourable Lifetime President. The transition was announced to members in the concluding session of the FISITA World Mobility Summit on Friday 20 November.

Upon taking on the role of President FISITA, Nadine spoke of her vision to use the time in position to continue to focus on delivering leadership to the international community, with a focus on a “people and planet” agenda, that supports and promotes ethical engineering and the fair and the equitable working environment for all.

In support of her Presidency, Ms Leclair said “as President I realize I am the first woman in charge, but certainly not the last one! The important stake is the pace we provide during this very difficult period – the pandemic situation – to keep the trust of all our members by also innovating in the way to share knowledge and practices while we move from automotive to mobility engineering.”

Also announced today is the appointment of FISITA President Elect. Following the usual nomination and selection process, the FISITA community extends its welcome to Mr Mike Anderson, General Motors Executive Director, Global Virtual Design, Development and Validation. Mr Anderson is a contributor to the FISITA community and now takes a leadership role as one of a number of General Motors executives to support the organisation over its 70 year history.

“I’m honored today to graciously accept the opportunity to serve as President Elect of FISITA and I very much look forward to working with Nadine…” said Mr Anderson, “I think FISITA is uniquely positioned to foster non-competitive strategic collaboration across the globe while also being a leading advocate for engineering education, so I’m excited to be a part of it and I hope to be able to make some strong contributions along the way.”

Chris Mason, CEO FISITA (UK) Ltd commented “Having already worked with Nadine and Mike extensively, I am delighted with both appointments, we are perfectly aligned and prepared to deliver progressive continuation of the long-term vision of FISITA. I am delighted to formally welcome Nadine and Mike to their roles and know that they already have the support and commitment of our international membership community.”

Concurrently, the Council of FISITA is reappointed, ensuring its international community of engineering societies sustains its contribution to the progression of FISITA, and its validation of the Executive Board. Including proportionate representation from its Society Members, the Council sits at the top of the FISITA hierarchy.

Engineers create solutions, FISITA supports them to do so. Regardless.


Since its establishment in 1950, FISITA’s mission has been to deliver collaborative thought leadership and support to the world’s automotive and mobility systems engineers. During this time, the range of skills required of engineers has broadened significantly, but their goal to create safe, sustainable and affordable solutions that interact with people, and more recently, infrastructure has not changed.

FISITA is well placed to bring together engineers, industries and academia in a spirit of cooperation to share knowledge, progress thought leadership and advance the adoption of next-generation technology safely and ethically.

To find out more, please visit and follow FISITA on Twitter and/or LinkedIn.


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