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FISITA World Congress 2023 announcement

It is with great pleasure to announce the roll-out and delivery of the new-era FISITA World Congress. Working in collaboration with our colleagues at STA, Spain we will deliver the largest and most significant Congress in the history of FISITA as we launch the ‘Technology of Mobility Conference and Exhibition’ and its unique focus on the ‘Design, Manufacture and Use’ under the banner of ‘Tomorrow’s Mobility, Today’.

This exciting opportunity will bring the international community of FISITA together, delivering against the new-era member expectation of engaging digitally day-to-day, while ensuring that FISITA delivers a significant knowledge share, thought leadership, member engagement, B2B and professional networking opportunity within each two-year work cadence, creating a new biennial opportunity to meet with the right people, for the right reasons, at the right time.

Here you will find an initial welcome and overview from FISITA Chief Executive, Chris Mason, and FISITA President, Nadine Leclair as they set the scene against FISITA's new vision which sees Congress and a significant exhibition delivered as the focal point of what will be a full week of FISITA of activities. This FISITA Week will be of high-value for all peer groups within the international FISITA community, from Student to CTO, as we deliver the following conferences all within the CCIB, Barcelona 12-15 September, 2023:

  • The FISITA World Congress

  • The FISITA World Mobility Summit

  • The FISITA Intelligent Safety Conference, Europe

  • EuroBrake

Throughout the week we will welcome industry leaders, technologists and strategists to deliver sessions, discussions and updates on workstream activities from FISITA Member Expert Working Groups:

  • Carbon Neutral Mobility Working Group

  • Digitalization Working Group

  • Industry Disruption Working Group

  • Intelligent Safety Working Group

  • International Supply Chain Working Group

  • Next Generation Mobility Working Group

Within the week-long peer-to-peer professional networking opportunities we will also deliver the FISITA Society Member Island, where you will be able to engage with colleagues and contribute to the Climate Change theme with specific focus provided by international experts.

We are delighted to be able to bring this FISITA Week of activities together for you, all under one roof in the wonderful CCIB conference venue in Barcelona and encourage you to take your opportunity to join us as we move into the new-era and deliver the FISITA World Congress 2023.

We look forward to sharing further information as we progress, and welcome your feedback and contribution.

To discuss your participation in the Technology of Mobility Conference and Exhibition please contact


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