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Spotlight on FISITA Society Member VDI

Join the 2nd Autonomous Driving Challenge

We, from the VDI Bezirksverein München Ober – und Niederbayern (VDI), want to get young people excited about technology. To achieve this, we have created the Autonomous Driving Challenge (ADC). This is a new student competition in which autonomous model vehicles compete against each other on a scale of 1:8. These challenges include running on a scaled racetrack, parking in a pitstop, and avoiding collisions with other cars. The competition forms a symbiosis of the fascination of real motor sports, robotics, and autonomous driving. The next VDI ADC is taking place on 12th March 2021.

Within the framework of the ADC, participating students are given the opportunity to acquire skills in one of the two key areas of the future in a competitive environment and to gain new experience. In addition to electrification, vehicle automation represents a major change in social life. It is important for society and the progress of technology to introduce young people to new topics and challenges of the future at an early age.

We offer a platform for young people and students where social skills, personality and technologies can be developed, while enabling contact with leading companies and universities. ADC also serves as a platform for students to connect and promote the exchange of technologies and ideas. For this purpose, students will be challenged to upgrade their 1:8 scale model cars to master disciplines emerged from motor sports and real traffic scenarios.

At this point, it is about you! Are you a student seeking new challenges, a professor keen on empowering young engineers or simply interested in the competition? Feel free to contact us at, we will support you in creating a team, establishing relations, developing technology or any other desire of yours. We are also still looking for sponsors, so contact us to enlarge your outreach and work with engineers that will design your future! We are inviting you to discover more on our website on:

We empower young engineers!


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