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Sustainable Mobility for All - FISITA World Mobility Summit Summary Session

To wrap up this year’s FISITA World Mobility Summit 2020, we hosted two summary sessions online for time zones ahead of GMT (including much of Europe and Asia) and one in the afternoon for time zones behind GMT (including the Americas). The first session was moderated by Hans Greimel, Asia Editor, Automotive News and the second session was moderated by Remi Bastien, VP – Automotive Prospective, Groupe Renault.

In both sessions we had the following:

  • The Launch of the FISITA Mobility Engineering 2030 White Paper, led by Karl Siebertz from Ford.

  • The World Café Summary Sessions – All four table captains, Nadine Leclair, Remi Bastien, Michael Bauer and Tim Wallington, explained the outcome of the three topics asked to the participants: Topic 1: Zero Impact on the Environment & Zero Waste, Topic 2: Zero Stress & Zero Left Out (Access to Mobility for All) and Topic 3: Zero Fatalities (Greater Intelligent Safety)

  • Fireside Chat with Ellen MacArthur, Founder of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and Jason Stein from Automotive News. This discussion saw Jason ask Ellen how and why she started the foundation, and the relationship she has with Renault.

  • FISITA Academy of Technical Leadership Awards – The FISITA Academy endorsement delivers FISITA recognition and status for the world’s leading technology experts, as hand-picked on an annual basis by the FISITA President and an international team of advisors. We heard a thanks from all who received this year’s award.

  • FISITA Presidential Handover – This year saw the handover of our President. Professor Frank Zhao, FISITA President 2018-2020 handed over the baton to our 32nd president Nadine Leclair, who will serve as the new FISITA President from 2020-2023.

  • The sessions were concluded by FISITA’s Chief Executive Officer, Chris Mason.

The summary session is free to view for people who are part of a FISITA member organisation. If you do not have an access code, please contact your company’s FISITA member representative, or contact FISITA directly. If you are not yet a member, but are interested in joining, please visit


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