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IRP Systems

IRP Systems


Corporate Member

IRP Systems is an innovative electric powertrain solution provider, specializing in high-performance cost-effective electric powertrain systems for the automotive industry. Leveraging our proprietary technology in control algorithms and powertrain design, our systems reach an unprecedented level of efficiency and performance, in full compliance with automotive mass-production practices.

The company’s R&D department is comprised of multidisciplinary teams in various engineering fields, that collaborate to develop and provide an end-to-end electric powertrain system, with strong emphasis on tight integration of SW and HW components, and high-level system optimization.

IRP collaborates closely with the automotive industry's leading OEMs to optimize their powertrain systems and to significantly improve their vehicles’ performance while reducing the overall powertrain costs. We constantly look to innovate and develop the next generation of electric powertrain technology, focusing on new technologies, materials, and ways to reduce the environmental impact through the entire production life cycle of e-powertrains.

Ms. Moran Price

Ms. Moran Price

CoFounder & CEO



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16 July 2021


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