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ITT Friction Technologies

ITT Friction Technologies




Nearly a Century of Value-Creating Transformation

ITT has a rich and vibrant legacy, shaped by world-class products and services, technological leadership, international expansion and a series of successful reinventions. Beginning as a telecommunications provider, ITT grew to be one of the largest global conglomerates and completed multiple demergers, before becoming the focused global multi-industrial company it is today.

The story of ITT begins with a historic call — for its founders to develop phones. The original International Telephone & Telegraph was created in 1920 by two brothers named Sosthenes and Hernand Behn who set out to build the first worldwide system of interconnected telephone lines. The company had a small beginning as the Puerto Rico Telephone Company but grew quickly through strategic acquisitions and the purchase of telephony patents. The result was the creation of a major international provider of telephone switching equipment and telecommunications services.

Throughout each chapter in its history, ITT has been known for pursuing transformative strategies to create value for shareowners. In 2011, a new chapter began when ITT Corporation separated into three independent publicly traded companies spinning off its water and defense-related businesses. After five years of success, ITT reorganized in 2016 creating a brand new parent company, ITT Inc., a global, multi-industrial manufacturer of highly engineered critical components and customized technology solutions for a wide range of transportation, industrial and energy markets. With its ongoing focus on innovation, operational excellence and premier customer service, ITT is well-positioned for continued growth and value creation for customers, shareowners and employees both now and far into the future.




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16 July 2021


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Dr. Agusti Sin, ITT Friction Technologies, ITALY

Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Fischer, Continental, GERMANY

The advanced alternative powertrains regarding their electrification bring as a consequence a large levels of recuperation implying a small intervention of the hydraulic system during the brake lifetime.

This new scenario for the brake system could have and important impact in the brake design regarding properties such as mu stability, corrosion/stiction, NVH… and the test design for their development.

Moreover, the aftermarket for friction material and brake rotors is an important industry with significant commercial impact for all levels of the supply chain.

How far is this trend also justified in technical terms?

How should be designed the new brake systems and tested the new brake systems?

Which is their environmental impact?

Which are the main technical challenges regarding the longlife brake pad material, rotors, shims, backplates and calipers?

New test need to be developed and harmonized?

EuroBrake 2021




Longlife Friction Couples, EB2021-EBS-012, EuroBrake 2021

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